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PIMS is located in Nagunuru village, in Karimnagar town. Karimnagar is a prosperous town, close to the river Godavari and is considered one of the fastest growing urban areas in the north Telangana region.Karimnagar boasts of a hoary past and a rich cultural legacy.

Industry and agriculture play equally important roles in the economic life of the district. It is also endowed with a thriving heritage of traditional industry and craft like handmade textiles, silver filigree work etc., Nature has, on its part, blessed Karimnagar with diverse embellishments like perennial rivers, thick forest cover, verdant hills and valleys. It is the people of Karimnagar who are its greatest asset- warmhearted & hospitable. The vibrant literary, artistic and cultural scenario in Karimnagar is in counterpoint with the distinctive patois of Telugu spoken and the exuberant folk culture. It is a politically 'aware' region, having contributed one prime minister to the country.