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At Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences the frontiers of enterprise are redrawn everyday. Since its inception, a short decade and a half ago, Prathima has ventured into businesses where survival is driven by knowledge, technology and an ability to beat the clock everyday. Drawing from a resource pool of transcontinental expertise, Prathima has built a solid foundation of knowledge about industries as diverse as information technology, infrastructure and property development, financial services, energy, manufacturing and entertainment, and have then applied this knowledge in building companies that competed and excelled. Early adoption of the newest cutting edge technologies played a decisive role in steering Prathima towards success. Above all, the human talent the group was able to harness, ensured that Prathima thrived while countless other new age companies fumbled and fell in the tumultuous 90s.

Prathima Educational Society. PIMS is the first center for learning launched by the Society .

Prathima Estates. From homes, apartments, resorts, bridges, roads to technology parks Prathima Estates has been steadily scaling the heights of success since its inception.

Pact Securities. For more than a decade it has constantly added to its portfolio of financial services and its roster of clients.

Netxcell Limited is a pioneer in providing innovative, carrier grade software solutions such as Customer Lifecycle Management, Campaign Management, Provisioning of Data/Voice Services and different flavors of Inbound/Outbound voice services to Operators & System Integrator’s. Tapas, Netxcell’s new generation and cloud ready platform has a modular and scalable architecture to design and deploy customized solutions across multiple channels, quickly and efficiently. Netxcell has its presence across all the major operators in India and has made inroads with few of the top operators in Africa, with various Technological Solutions.

Prathima Industries. When you count among your clients the top oil companies in the country you have certainly arrived, haven’t you? A manufacturer of high quality cylinders, of varying dimensions, for storing LPG, the company is one of the star performers of the group.

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